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Start the Day Right

For some reason people seem to think that going Vegan means throwing their entire perception of meal times out of the window. Sure, you aren’t going to be eating the same stuff you were before, especially if it was particularly unhealthy or meat/dairy laden, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy every meal. Veganism […]

Vivera Veggie Steak

Easy Plant Based Protein

For those who are entertaining the idea of moving to a plant based diet, the idea of having a plate without a big portion of protein is highly off putting. People are so used to seeing a big steak or a juicy burger as their ‘main’ component of their meal and can’t imagine swiping that […]

Veggie Versus Vegan

Veggie Versus Vegan

Vegetarians have been on the meat free train for years, which is clear thanks to almost every food product on the shelves labeling their product as ‘suitable for vegetarians’ if it fits the bill. However, in the last 36 months a rise of a new label is sweeping supermarket shelves everywhere – vegan friendly. Veganism […]


Vegetarian Athletes

Taking a diet regularly without meat could be a difficult practice to imbibe for several athletes as well as their fans. The nutritional demands of laborious activity of matches or games or routine training sessions could require up to six thousand (6000) calories of energy and two hundred (200) grams of protein on a daily […]


Famous Vegetarians

Vegetarianism has become more popular among famous people over the last couple of years. People choose to be vegetarians for health purposes or because they are concerned about the harm done to animals, or for both reasons. Many people today also believe that vegetarianism is better for the environment. One of the most famous vegetarians […]

The Benefits of Of Organic Food say

We are now in a world where organic food is very popular. People are now opting to eat the organic way but are still confused about the various benefits that come with it. How is the organic food better for the mental and physical health?