Miraculous Plant Based Alternatives

Going plant based for ethical reasons means that you probably don’t want anything on your plate that resembles animals, Vegans (to which the name is correctly aside) aren’t going to want something that simulates a dead creature, or at least that would make sense. However, thanks to the recent surge of people moving away from […]


Start the Day Right

For some reason people seem to think that going Vegan means throwing their entire perception of meal times out of the window. Sure, you aren’t going to be eating the same stuff you were before, especially if it was particularly unhealthy or meat/dairy laden, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy every meal. Veganism […]

Vivera Veggie Steak

Easy Plant Based Protein

For those who are entertaining the idea of moving to a plant based diet, the idea of having a plate without a big portion of protein is highly off putting. People are so used to seeing a big steak or a juicy burger as their ‘main’ component of their meal and can’t imagine swiping that […]