Cheese and Its Choices

Cheese and Its Choices

Cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world. However, many people do not know how long the history of cheese is, how many kinds can be found, or how many strange facts are linked to this dairy product. In France, one person consumes almost 26 kilograms of cheese per year. We are […]

Summer Smoothies

The Best Summer Smoothies

Our immune system does a remarkable job and as it is constantly working, its strength is determined by all food and vitamins a body gets. Healthy vitamins and minerals are needed to increase immunity, and luckily all these can be found in tasteful smoothies. As summer is approaching and people want to get in shape, […]

Miraculous Plant Based Alternatives

Going plant based for ethical reasons means that you probably don’t want anything on your plate that resembles animals, Vegans (to which the name is correctly aside) aren’t going to want something that simulates a dead creature, or at least that would make sense. However, thanks to the recent surge of people moving away from […]